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Saving Citizen Terri Schiavo

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Saving Citizen Terri Schiavo

by Jay Hudson

Terri Schiavo is 41 years old. Most likely she has celebrated her last birthday. She has been kept alive for the last fifteen years by a feeding tube. That tube was removed thirteen days ago , at the time I am writing this. Her remaining life can be measured in hours now.

According to news reports, she is not being given any food or water. It's a miracle she has survived thirteen days with this in-humane type of treatment.

The video tapes the news media have been playing on TV, show a person responding to the attention of her parents. Doctors say it's not so. They say it's just a reflex. I don't think so. I had several doctors almost let me die because of their incompetence. I am wary of what people tell me now.

I am pretty confident of things that I see for myself. I saw a woman trying to respond to her parents. I don't have years of education interfering with my common sense like the doctors and judges involved in this debacle.

Schiavo's loving parents have been fighting to save her life against all odds, fighting the very entity charged by the U.S. Constitution with the task of saving her life, the judicial systems of both Florida, and the United States.

Several courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court have failed in the most basic power GRANTED to any government authority BY THE PEOPLE; to protect the life and public welfare of the individual citizen.

Recent polls, if you believe what you see on TV news, show most American's agree with the decision to kill Terri Schiavo by starvation. Their argument is that she should not be kept alive by artificial means.

" I think it's too late, but... I think it's disgusting that she is being starved to death. Her husband has too big an interest in seeing her dead, when he has moved on and has a woman and kids. I think she should be in the care of her parents. The whole thing disgusts me. I am tired of hearing Democrats say that starving is a ' peaceful ' way to go and that she's not in pain, " said Jacqueline, a Nevada mom.

A South Carolina mom, Sonya Weiss had this to say, " the thing that gets me about the situation with Terri is this: if a person starves a dog to death, it's considered, and (rightfully so) cruel and inhumane treatment. The person faces prosecution and possibly jail or prison for those actions. Yet, Terri can be starved to death and some doctors are in the media claiming it's a painless, peaceful way to die? If that's the case, then what right do we as a society have to charge someone who starves an animal? "

" I cared for 12 people who were on feeding tubes," said Nursing Assistant, Terri Pilcher. " Were they to worthy of death? Is this the Roe v Wade of euthanasia? Will we be killing off people whose lives no longer are "profitable" or "useful". The failure ofTerri Schiavo's parents to make headway in the legal system reminds us of the sad state of justice in this country. Common sense and the value of life have deserted us in favor of expediency."
Since Schiavo did not have a living will, preserving and protecting her life was the duty of the courts. They have failed to protect her most basic right of all, the right to life.

Does that mean that her life is any less worthy than your's or mine?

My opinion is that the moment that artificial life support was started on Terri Schiavo fifteen years ago, the equation changed. From that moment onward, doctors and the courts should be obligated to continue artificial life support until the end, whatever the result.

Because Terri Schiavo was impaired, does not mean that she did not see, hear, feel, and think. Her parents repeatedly said that she tried to say " I want to live." Her attempts to speak were ignored by doctors and officials.

A convicted murderer on death row would most likely get to appeal his case for twenty years before being put to death.

Why are the courts so intent on seeing this woman die? Even if she is in a vegatative state she deserves to be protected by the courts.

Why, after fifteen years on the feeding tube, is Michael Schiavo pushing so hard to keep his wife from getting life-saving medical help? Could it be that his present girlfriend wants to be Mrs. Schiavo?

If she were a dying dog being treated this way, all the animal groups in America would be raising hell.

According to news reports, on Saturday, March 26, 2005 , nurses attending Terri Schiavo stated that her tongue was swollen and bleeding from dehydration. This is tantamont to "cruel and unusual punishment."

Several people were arrested when they attempted to take water to Schiavo. One was a young boy from North Carolina.

The courts have shown by their conduct in this case , that the life of the disabled, and the
dis-enfranchised poor, has absolutely no value in the United States of America. Could it be that the courts are trying to make a political statement?

A brutal murderer on death row gets more protection from the courts than a helpless, innocent woman. The only crime she ever committed, was being born in the U.S.A.

The courts in America have increasingly taken more and more power unto themselves. Power that was not granted to them by the U.S. Constitution. They have in actual effect, become lawmakers, judges, and executioners.

In the nineteen fifties, school children in America were taught that the U.S. government consisted of three branches, the legislative, the judicial, and the executive. The legislative, or the congress was to make laws. The judicial, or the courts, was to interpret and enforce the laws passed by the congress.

Instead of interpreting, and enforcing the laws, as the U.S. Constitution intended, the courts have usurped the power of the U.S. Congress, and the Executive branch, and let Terri Schiavo die.

Copyright-(c)-2005-Jay Hudson-All rights reserved. No reproduction without expressed written permission.


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