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Saturday, January 05, 2013

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I loved your column on hoarding that ran today in the Richmond County Daily Journal.

I just recently admitted to myself that I might be a hoarder. I have always told myself that I was just prudent, frugal, and thrifty. I saved books and newspapers and magazines, etc. But, I also saved nuts,bolts washers, and anything else I thought that the Japanese could possibly recycle. I figure if they could make something out of it I could too!

See how long I have been 'saving' ?

 I have thousands of books including two in the backseat of the car. There might be one in the van but I would have to dig through other stuff to find it.

I don't think it's an illness at all. Just prudence. Who knows when we might need another plastic cup. I don't mean to be judgemental though, but I do think the hoarders on the TV show really are sick.

Best wishes for 2013,

Jay Hudson

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Grandpa's hunting dog

Grandpa never was much for hunting, but he loved hound dogs and beagles and always had a few around that he trained to do various chores.

He also had a reputation as an expert guide for city folks who wanted to come out to Hudsonville to do a little hunting or fishing. Didn't mater what kind of game it was, Grandpa knew most every thing there was to know about it, even though he seldom ever fired his guns. Occasionally he would fetch his cane pole and go down to do a little fishing at the lake he and the Lord built.

One of Grandpa's regular uptown customers was a man named Herman. I can't tell you his last name for fear I will be sued by his descendants.
Almost everything I read now has a disclaimer notice in it to disavow any responsibility for whatever is written since it may or may not be true and in that case consulting an attorney is advised.

Herman came riding up to Grandpa's house in his old 1937 Ford pickup one day at the beginning of dove season. Grandpa and his favorite hound, Fido were sitting on the porch passing the time in leisure they both enjoyed, Grandpa rocking in his chair and jawing on a plug of Black Maria. Every few minutes grandpa would spit a little juice to a can he had out in the yard. Every time Fido heard the splat he would open one eye to see if Grandpa got it in the can. Fido was one of those hounds you never could figure out exactly what color he was. If the sun was shining on him in a certain way he appeared to be somewhere between brown ,and black, but he was the smartest dog any of us had ever seen.

Grandpa and Fido were both good at what they did.

Herman's truck skidded to a stop and he leaped out grinning and jabbering immediately. He loved the smell of fresh country air at Grandpa's place.

"Dave, you reckon there's any doves over in your Mansion field today?"

The Mansion Field was a special place. I was never allowed to venture through the woods and to the field to see what went on there, but whatever it was was between Grandpa and God 'cause Grandpa was Almighty particular about reading the Bible every day and attending church every time he could. Whatever went on there worked 'cause Grandpa had bumper crops of anything he planted there, and hunters who went there always came back happy.

"Herman, it's a beautiful, sunny day so I 'spect there may be one or two doves in the Mansion Field." Said Grandpa.

Hearing mention of the Mansion Field, Fido opened both eyes, yawned a deep loud moan and then stood up and stretched for a long minute before Grandpa spoke.

"Fido, go check the Mansion field and see if there are enough doves there to make it worthwhile for Herman to shoot at a few, and be careful you don't scare them off if there are any there."

Grandpa had scarcely finished speaking before Fido leaped off the porch and was in a full run across the yard, heading to the Mansion Field.
The field was a good half-mile from the house, but in ten minutes Fido was sprinting back towards the house with a stick in his mouth. With a long leap he bounded up on the porch in front of Grandpa and started shaking the stick vigorously like it was an an animal he was trying to shake to death.

"Dave,what in the world is wrong with that crazy hound?" Said Herman.

" Fido says there's more doves in the field than he can shake a stick at."

©-2011-Jay Hudson

Friday, September 09, 2011

I'm so much like Curious George.That's why I love that little monkey so much. I frequently stick my neck too far out; crawl too far out on a limb just waiting for someone to saw it off; ride my pony so fast towards the cliff that I can't get him to stop in time even though I'm raring back on the reins and screaming at the top of my lungs,"Whoa,you S*B! Have YOU ever done anything like that?

    • I've always considered myself a "deep thinker," but I may be a little "impulsive," sometimes, maybe.

    • Jay Hudson My favorite psychiatrist committed suicide ten years ago.I might need a new counselor. "What? You live in America and you have never seen a psychiatrist? Are you CRAZY?"

Missing photo

Bobby Dale,Kerry,Jeffrey,and Inset;Dale Sr was a photo of the four of them in hunting outfits. It was live for a couple days,then disappeared. I'll try to figure out what happened and re-post it later.


Sunday, August 28, 2011



Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bobby Dale,Kerry,Jeffrey,and Dale Sr.

Bobby,Kerry,Jeffrey,Dale inset0001.jpg

Monday, August 08, 2011

Who took my Pepsi?

Who took my Pepsi?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Uncle John Tussles With an Angel
Uncle John was always tussling with his covetous, Cousin Walter. If John got a newer model used car, then Cousin Walter had to have one with more shine.
Uncle John and Cousin Walter fussed over everything under heaven. Two more cantankerous people had never been born in the South. Their verbal abuse got so bad folks couldn't get any peace anywhere in the entire county unless maybe in their own homes.
Everytime there was a ballgame, a wedding, a funeral, a party, an election, or any public event, John and Walter disrupted everything with their loud and ferocious swearing at each other. It got so bad that folks were moving out of Richmond County in droves.
Finally one of the elected officials who actually professed to being "a strong Christian Baptist," called the leaders of every church in the county and requested a special prayer breakfast, much like the ones that Jesse Jackson and William Clinton are allegedly so fond of.
She told these community leaders that they had to pray that something might be done to curb Uncle John and Cousin Walter's bickering. She pointed out to them that God had just blessed Georgia with rain after a public official violated the spirit of the Constitution by actually praying for rain, and it might work with the local problems.
So, a time for the prayer breakfast was set. The good folks met on Friday morning at 7:00 A.M. They commenced praying loudly, begging God for mercy so they could have peace in the area. They spent several minutes of verbally beseeching God's help in solving their problem, and then thanking him for intervening, they procceeded to have breakfast, having been spiritually assured that God would intervene.
Uncle John seldom attended church anymore, but he always turned the TV on to listen to the tv preachers while he snoozed in his recliner.
Uncle John was all laid-back in his favorite recliner on Sunday morning just about preaching time. He was snoozing comfortably while the sounds of that Mega-Church-in-Texas preacher's voice was exhorting everyone to praise God from the 12" color tv in the living room.
Suddenly Uncle John had a powerful vision of an Angelic being hovering in the air over him while he snoozed.
"John, you are without a doubt the meanest, swearingest man I have ever had to watch over. God has commanded me to come down here to set your heart free from your wicked ways. He said I may grant your hearts desires if you show you have goodness in your heart by letting Cousin Walter have two of the same things you desire," Said the Angel."
"You mean, if I ask you for a million dollars, that filthy lying scoundrel gets two million?"
"He sure will! That's my Lords command."
"And if I'm the boss of a big factory some place, he gets to be boss of two of them?" Asked Uncle John.
" Yes, as my Lord has commanded," Replied the Angel.
"And if I live with the meanest, ugliest Witch of the West, he gets two of them?"
" Yes, as God has commanded me." Said the Angel.
Uncle John frowned a little as he was pondering the Angel's answers. Suddenly his eyes sparkled and a big grin came over his face as he spoke, " Well, if you'll give me all the above and one glass eye, we got a deal."
©-2007-Jay Hudson-All rights reserved.