Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Drugstore's, Apple's, and Banana's

Drugstores, Apple's, and Banana's, Ain't What They Used To Be.

Ambling Along

by Jay Hudson

Have you ever called your local drugstore to speak to a pharmacist? Have you done so recently?

I was having a problem with the dosage of a medicine, so I called the drugstore where I shop to ask a pharmacist if I could break the tablet in half.

Just a simple question.

I wanted to be sure because some pills say, " Do Not Break, Crush, or Chew : Swallow Whole."

The attendant who answer's the phone at the pharmacy is the one that also passes out the potion's and collect's the money. They don't have time to talk to people like you and I. They are very busy running the cash register, you know.

The attendant is a very nice person. When I told her I needed to speak to a pharmacist, she said "Ok, I'll put you on hold and ring the pharmacist."

I waited about ten minutes, which is about nine and a half minutes longer than I usually wait for anything. After ten minutes, I just hung up the phone. At least I got to talk to the attendant.

I decided to call another equally popular drugstore, I mean, they were both national chain drugstore's.

When the connection was made, I heard a very pleasant voice say, " thank you for calling ------Pharmacy. We are proud to give you friendly, efficient, PERSONAL service on all your pharmacy needs."

" If you are a customer with cash money, press one now."

I knew I was in trouble already.

"If you are a physician, press two."

I could'a been a doctor, you know, but I don't like the sight of blood.

"If you know what you want, press three."

I don't call anyone unless I know what I want.

"If you need assistance , press four now."

I've been waiting for a chance to say," help, I've fallen, and I can't get up." I hope it's not anytime soon though.

" If you would like to speak to a pharmacist, press five now, or continue to hold. We play music for your enjoyment while you are on hold."

I would just as soon listen to the hum in the telephone line if I have to wait over thirty second's.

"Thank you, we appreciate your business."

I just put the phone down. You can't fight the times we are living in.

Well, the day wasn't a total loss.

I decided to drive in to town to get a 25 cent drink at my favorite vending machine. While I was in town, I remembered we were out of bananas, so I circled back to my favorite little mini-chain grocery store. They have the best tasting bananas in the Carolina's.

These are the mouth-watering kind we had fifty years ago, way before the banana king's decided to create a hybrid banana that is a cross between cardboard, and squash. And they taste that way too. They have the audacity to advertise these thing's on TV.

My favorite banana's had a sticker on them that I have never seen on banana's. "These banana's have not been gassed," it said. It never occurred to me that some companies gas their banana's like apple processor's do.

I was pleased to know that my favorite banana's are not gassed.

I know about apple's.

It's a common practice for producer's to gas apple's and chill them to keep them from rotting in storage and in transit. The last time I heard about apple gas, it was a gas called aylar. I guess it's still the same. I never looked up the information to see exactly how they gas them though. I just love to eat apple's, I don't want to know how they are made.

Many years ago I read a news story about apple's. Some fellow figured out if he waxed his apple's, and gave them a shine, he would sell more apple's. It must work too, because I eat a lot of apples, but only when they are half price.

I know grocery stores always keep produce in a cool room so it won't rot until you are leaving the checkout, but I have never seen a "non gassed" sticker on banana's until this week.

Maybe that's one of the reason's my favorite banana's taste sweeter than the other brands.

Copyright-(c)- Jay Hudson-All right's reserved. No reproduction without expressed written permission.


Blogger JaynLouv said...

Hehehhehe...I love the part about the cross between cardboard and squash. hehehhee


7:05 PM  
Blogger MysteryKnitter said...

I am sad it had to go like that. I don't call to the pharmacy we have here. I go there myself.

4:40 PM  

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