Friday, March 09, 2007

Play Time

Friday,9 March,2007

Wow! New,old kid on the block. I've been gone too long. Didn't realize that it was so difficult to log in to my blog now that everything is Googlized.

I like the courier font.

A VIP author wants to link to my blog,so I figured I best get over here and do some house cleaning first.

I haven't seen any news today so I can't comment on the failings of our politicians and other elected officials, but I'm sure they are up to no good as usual.

Haven't talked to Oprah lately either. Did see that she made the Forbes list.


I haven't mentioned it to you in private,but I can say it here,I don't watch your show much anymore.The last one I really enjoyed was the day you fried James Frey for taking you for a ride. I have to confess here, I was really on Frey's side. He was just tryiing to make a buck with a little sensationalism. I'm looking for his book on Ebay;how to Write A Damn Good Novel. Haven't found one on my price range yet. I usually don't pay over a dollar for a book.

I'm working on a real novel.No lies here!

Oprah,the reason I don't watch your show much anymore is because of all the ass-kissing with the Hollywood celebrities.I see these folks enough in the news. Don't need you throwing 'em in my face every afternoon too.These folks put their breeches on just like you and I. Get back to the basic stuff ,Oprah,the kind of shows that made you FAMOUS and RICH.

I got to go pp now,but I will tune in Monday to see if your show looks interesting, if not I'll be writing something. I'm a writer! Gosh, all this time you thought I was that other Jay,the rock star,didn't ya? Sorry,but I'm the writer one.Hhahaahah!

Bookmark this place ,Oprah,'cause I intend to be more pro-active you might say. I won't embarrass you,unless it's with my typos and all. Well, I might embarrass you too,but if I do it's just in good ,clean,fun.

Your unknown friend,

Jay Hudson


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