Wednesday, May 18, 2005

God Bless Old Dogs, Old Men, and the Women Who Feed Them

Ambling Along

God Bless Old Dog's, Old Men, and the Women Who Feed Them.

by Jay Hudson

I saw a lesson in life played out right before my eyes the other day. Somethings are worth fighting for, and some ain't.

Our grandchildren have too many dogs, and several of them come to our house for food and petting.

Bozo has become the senior dog because of his age. One of the young males is trying to become the boss dog. When Bozo is eating, the young male will sometimes run up and attack him from his blind side. Bozo will put up a feeble fight, and then back away. This has given the young pup a false sense of superiority.

They are a mixture of Pit Bull and German Shepherd with a little Heinz 57 thrown into the mix. That makes things interesting sometimes.

When Bozo was a young pup, he would fight any dog over anything, especially one of our grand daughters. He adopted her when she was a baby. I don't know why. He slept beside her when she was a baby, and he became very protective of her. If anyone threatened her in any way, he would bite viciously. It didn't matter who you were, if you acted like you were going to hit her, he would bite you.

Bozo hates dry dog food. He will eat it during a famine, or if you pour gravy over it, but that is the only time.

When I fed him the other day, he walked over to the bowl and was immediately attacked by the young pup. Bozo backed away and let him have the dry dog food.

A little later I put out a few scraps from supper. When the young pup ran up to take it away, Bozo attacked him with no mercy. The young pup was taught a lesson. Bozo will still fight if the prize is worth it. He won't fight over dry dog food at all, but he will fight over people food.
He has become addicted to good cooking. He will eat just about anything that is cooked, even pinto beans, string beans, slaw, tomatoes.

Have you ever seen a dog eat greens, and love them?

He will also stand guard while the female pup eats dry dog food. He won't let other dogs near while she is eating.

Bozo always visited my cousin Delphinia for breakfast every morning. She lived across the road from me. She always put scraps out for the dogs and cats. She was an early riser, and Bozo went to her house about daylight every morning.

Delphinia died recently, but Bozo still goes to her house every morning to see if she has returned.

He like's to watch for Aunt Mary's at lunch and suppertime. He watches for her everyday . If He hears her open her back door , he looks to see if she has a bowl in her hands.

He loves to watch Carolyn's house all the time too. She spoiled him the first time he ate her cooking.

Me Too.

Every evening I see him start drifting closer to her house. He makes it look like he is just accidently dropping by. He can tell when Carolyn is cooking something extra special.

Have you ever had a relative , or neighbor, that "just dropped by" about mealtime?

Back in the fifties there was a popular song called " How Much is That Doggie in The Window."
I would lay on the floor in front of mom and dad's big floor model radio and listen to that song every day. I bet some of you remember it.

Jimmy Smith was the DJ for our local radio station, WAYN, in Rockingham back then.

I think he still works there occasionally.

I think about the days I spent in front of that old Admiral radio a lot now. Age does that to you. I guess it's just a part of trying to make sense of the crazy times we are living in now.

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