Monday, April 02, 2007

Oprah,Suze Orman Rides Again,Carnie Wilson Eats

Oprah, I don't know if you are watching public television much right now,what with all the hoopla about you being on that RICH whitemans list of BILLIONAIRES.

I've been watching the fundraising programs plenty. I love public televison when they are raising money.

Your friend,Suze Orman, is on there again hyping all her money-type books. I think she's wearing the same old clothes she wore last year. I don't take her money advice.Anybody who could afford to go to business school and get an MBA is not short of money.

She was on a few days ago, waving her arms,and flashing her eyes.She uses a lot of handsignals for some reason.

I expected her to fly right off the stage any minute,but she didn't.

I never listen to any of her financial advice. I just watch to see if she changes her clothes from year-to-year.Seems like the same old cape to me.If somebody was to snatch that thing from her,she wouldn't be able to perform her act.

I was surfing eBay for books,in the self-help section, I think. I saw one by Carnie Wilson.

I'm Still Hungry! Me too,Carnie. Want a piece of my butterscotch?

Oprah,I hope you have Carnie on your show more often. She's good people.

I have to drink a Pepsi now. I'll talk to ya later when we have more time together.

Jay Hudson

Jay's Writer's World


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