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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Houston,You Have Heat!

Wednesday,26 May,2010

I was sent to a link today to watch an interesting interview about the publishing business.

I clicked on the link and immediately saw the call letters KHOU in Houston,TX. Numbers on the screen said it was 90 degrees and partly cloudy in Houston,or maybe it said mostly cloudy. Not sure.

Attention span is out of order.

Bo,(She's my Texican friend)I know You might see this in a couple days.
Since Texas is SO big I figured Wichita Falls must be at least one thousand miles from Houston,but since Texas is also flat,mostly, I figured you got TV from Houston anyway.

While I was waiting for the video (thank you,Joyce) to load,I looked around the screen to familiarize myself with Texan Internet pages.I saw strange buttons underneath a title about publishing,so I just kept looking at the center of the screen to see if anything was going to happen.

After waiting a few minutes(probably 30 seconds since the clock in my attention span always runs fast) I asked Camilla what was I supposed to do to watch a video on my screen.

"There will be buttons at the bottom of the photo.You push the buttons to make it go. She said hastily,as if I had interrupted something important on Faceville,I mean Farmville.

"The buttons don't have words on them.How do I know which one to push to make it go?

"Just push a button and see what happens.That' s how I learned." She grunted.

So,I looked at the buttons very carefully to see if I could detect anything that might help me. Being an ambidexterous person, but favoring my good left eye, I spied a triangular shaped button lying on it's side with one of the peaks pointing to the right,so I clicked on it.

After a couple of seconds something like one of those hypnotic spinning wheels that were popular in the 50's started turning,and shortly two women appeared at a table.I could see their lips moving,but they weren't saying anything. My first thought was that they were miming,but then I figured this was an interview so there had to be a sound button somewhere.

I didn't see a go button for sound so I meekly said,"Honey, where is the sound button?

"Right beside the time on the taskbar." Said she with more agitation in her voice.

I found it right where she said it was.

Yeehaw! I clicked on the sound button,saw a sliding button,moved it up to the top and waited excitedly.

Nothing! Nothing happened at all.

"Camilla,it' s still not working.Would you please get up from Farmville and see what's wrong over here. The interview must be almost over and I can't read lips."

With considerable groaning she got out of her chair and waddled over to my recliner,looked over my computer set-up for a half-second.
Then said," You don't even HAVE speakers on your computer."

The interview ended there. All I know is that it was hot today in Houston.

©-2010-Jay Hudson

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sports-OP-Bobby Dale Earnhardt

Hi Peter,

I tried to contact the sports department at the Richmond County Daily Journal,but my emails bounced back.

My name is Jay Hudson.I'm the heart patient Cameron did the story on a few weeks ago..

I am also one of Bobby Dale Earnhardt's grandfathers. Bobby is also the grandson of the late Dale Earnhardt,Sr.

As you know he has been racing a few weeks at the Ellerbe Lions Track.Bobby has suddenly taken an interest in racing.
He has limited experience in high-speed stock car racing in Virginia,but needs to take Andy's fast-track driving school at Rockingham to move up to ARCA or Nascar..

Bobby Dale is quickly becoming a celebrity in the Richmond County area.

Since Bill and Chase Elliott are here for this weekend's races it would be a great opportunity for Andy to get more publicity for the speedway if Bobby Dale could be photographed with Bill and Casey Elliott..

Bill Elliott got his first NASCAR victory at Rockingham,and he and Dale Sr. put on some great shows racing each other at the Rock.

I think any potential photo op you do has a very good chance of being picked up by AP or TV networks and broadcast nationally because of the tie-in with the NASCAR Hall of Fame opening yesterday in Charlotte.

Also,any publicity could only be beneficial to the Rockingham Speedway,Bobby Dale,the Rockingham area in general,and it would be a great clip to add to your portfolio.

The Rockingham Speedway web site has no contact info link for Andy , or other management.. I don't have any contact info for Andy either,so I would appreciate it if you could pass this on to him,or to the sports editor.

Cameron is already familiar with me because I am the personhshe did the story on a couple weeks ago.

I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX

or e-mail at



Jay Hudson

Sunday, May 09, 2010

B.J. Thomas

Jay HudsonB.j. Thomas : B.J., I have always loved your range. For many years I wondered why you let your caerer flounder, now I understand it was putting family first. I admire you for that. Because of your musical range I think you would make smash hits of two songs in particular, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Elvis' great hit, and Buddy Holly's True Love Ways. I feel certain you have the range,and the distinctive voice to pull off a musical coup. If you ever come to the Myrtle Beach area bring your guitar,and give me a buzz. Would love to jam with you.


Jay Hudson

Monday, May 03, 2010


1. What would a group called Rescue Ink do? I don't know. The only group I know of is the group of ladies that gathers around the old well and gossips after church every Sunday. Mama and Grandma is talking all week about what they heard in the church yard last Sunday and avowing they will never be gossips themselves, But every Sunday they are right in the thick of it.
2. Your great-great- great grandchild is researching her past--what one thing about you is going to catch her interest?
I 'spect if it's a HE then he will be trying to write about me and the other Montgomerys and why we did the things we did,he being our own kin and all.
3. How many books do you own? Have you read most of them? I don't own no books,but I read Pa's books. Last book he got was just last week when he got a copy of Charles Darwin's book about the trip around the world on a ship called the Beagle. I didn't know ships could be named after dogs,but times are changing I guess. Pa brought it home whenst he returned from New Orleans.Had one them new Dix notes too.He says people in New Orleans is using 'em for real money.I don't see how they could be real being paper and all.
4. You are alone, walking down the street in an unknown city and a raggedy looking man with very strong odor steps out of the shadows and asks for help. He's holding something in a blanket in his arms, but you can't see what its is. What do you do? Oh,that would be somebody like John Elton trying to fool somebody into giving him a gallon of 'shine. I would tell old John to go home.Grandpa makes the best 'shine in these parts.
5. How many pens are within your reach at this very moment? Two, I think. We keep the chickens in one and the pigs in the other. The mules and horses are in the pasture with the cow.
Oh,did you mean like a writing pencil? I still have a stubby one left from my schooling. Keep it by my tick-stand.
6. You get a vacation to a tropical island or mountain cabin. The vacation is for six months, but you are not allowed to take any people with you. Would you accept it--and which would you prefer? Hahaahaha! I climb up and down the mountain everyday. Still, I wouldn't want to be stuck on no abandoned island. I li! ke havin g folks around.
7. Think of the titles of your three favorite songs. Now, taking one word from each title, make up a title of a new song. What genre would it be?
Hmmmm, there is a new one just published last year called Lorena. We all love it.Everybody for miles around hums it while doing chores. My little brother Grady plays it first and last thing at the hoe-down every Saturday night.Folks love to hear him play his guitar and sing them love songs. All the gals is in love with Grady.Me and him both has blue eyes and black hair,but he can sing. Boy can he sing. And when he does his blue eyes mist over like there is a deep fog rolling in and the girls just go crazy over him.
I hope someday to find a girl who feels thataway about me.But, I ain't a bit jealous of Grady.If the need should arise I would die for him.
8. You can have your favorite meal tonight, what is on the table? Don't know! We eat pork,potatoes, and corn on the even numbered days,and on the odd days we eat potatoes,corn, and pork. Sometimes Pa will tell me to dress a lazy old rooster for Sunday dinner.Don't dare dress a hen until they quit laying.
9. What genre of writing would you like to try but never have? Why haven't you? I don't reckon the good Lord ever intended for me to be a storyteller since he made me so stubborn and mule-headed. 'Bout all I can do well is shoot straight and often, and I have picked up a few cussing words from my cousin, Stanley.One of these days I'm gonna make a Flat-Stanley outta him.
10. This one is especially for Miss Callie, but we all can answer....What do you want to be when you grow up?
That's the name Grandpa wanted for one of his granddaughters. Don't know if he will get her or not,but time will tell I suppose.
Would be something IF I was to get married,and if I had a son,and he had a daughter named Callie,and she turned out to be the Great Aunt Callie of my descendant who was reading the poem, Dear Ancestor.You know, the one about your heartbeat not being entirely your own,but a part of all your ancestors before you.

©-2010-Jay Hudson