Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Houston,You Have Heat!

Wednesday,26 May,2010

I was sent to a link today to watch an interesting interview about the publishing business.

I clicked on the link and immediately saw the call letters KHOU in Houston,TX. Numbers on the screen said it was 90 degrees and partly cloudy in Houston,or maybe it said mostly cloudy. Not sure.

Attention span is out of order.

Bo,(She's my Texican friend)I know You might see this in a couple days.
Since Texas is SO big I figured Wichita Falls must be at least one thousand miles from Houston,but since Texas is also flat,mostly, I figured you got TV from Houston anyway.

While I was waiting for the video (thank you,Joyce) to load,I looked around the screen to familiarize myself with Texan Internet pages.I saw strange buttons underneath a title about publishing,so I just kept looking at the center of the screen to see if anything was going to happen.

After waiting a few minutes(probably 30 seconds since the clock in my attention span always runs fast) I asked Camilla what was I supposed to do to watch a video on my screen.

"There will be buttons at the bottom of the photo.You push the buttons to make it go. She said hastily,as if I had interrupted something important on Faceville,I mean Farmville.

"The buttons don't have words on them.How do I know which one to push to make it go?

"Just push a button and see what happens.That' s how I learned." She grunted.

So,I looked at the buttons very carefully to see if I could detect anything that might help me. Being an ambidexterous person, but favoring my good left eye, I spied a triangular shaped button lying on it's side with one of the peaks pointing to the right,so I clicked on it.

After a couple of seconds something like one of those hypnotic spinning wheels that were popular in the 50's started turning,and shortly two women appeared at a table.I could see their lips moving,but they weren't saying anything. My first thought was that they were miming,but then I figured this was an interview so there had to be a sound button somewhere.

I didn't see a go button for sound so I meekly said,"Honey, where is the sound button?

"Right beside the time on the taskbar." Said she with more agitation in her voice.

I found it right where she said it was.

Yeehaw! I clicked on the sound button,saw a sliding button,moved it up to the top and waited excitedly.

Nothing! Nothing happened at all.

"Camilla,it' s still not working.Would you please get up from Farmville and see what's wrong over here. The interview must be almost over and I can't read lips."

With considerable groaning she got out of her chair and waddled over to my recliner,looked over my computer set-up for a half-second.
Then said," You don't even HAVE speakers on your computer."

The interview ended there. All I know is that it was hot today in Houston.

©-2010-Jay Hudson


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This is so cute. I love it! Good work.

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