Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sports-OP-Bobby Dale Earnhardt

Hi Peter,

I tried to contact the sports department at the Richmond County Daily Journal,but my emails bounced back.

My name is Jay Hudson.I'm the heart patient Cameron did the story on a few weeks ago..

I am also one of Bobby Dale Earnhardt's grandfathers. Bobby is also the grandson of the late Dale Earnhardt,Sr.

As you know he has been racing a few weeks at the Ellerbe Lions Track.Bobby has suddenly taken an interest in racing.
He has limited experience in high-speed stock car racing in Virginia,but needs to take Andy's fast-track driving school at Rockingham to move up to ARCA or Nascar..

Bobby Dale is quickly becoming a celebrity in the Richmond County area.

Since Bill and Chase Elliott are here for this weekend's races it would be a great opportunity for Andy to get more publicity for the speedway if Bobby Dale could be photographed with Bill and Casey Elliott..

Bill Elliott got his first NASCAR victory at Rockingham,and he and Dale Sr. put on some great shows racing each other at the Rock.

I think any potential photo op you do has a very good chance of being picked up by AP or TV networks and broadcast nationally because of the tie-in with the NASCAR Hall of Fame opening yesterday in Charlotte.

Also,any publicity could only be beneficial to the Rockingham Speedway,Bobby Dale,the Rockingham area in general,and it would be a great clip to add to your portfolio.

The Rockingham Speedway web site has no contact info link for Andy , or other management.. I don't have any contact info for Andy either,so I would appreciate it if you could pass this on to him,or to the sports editor.

Cameron is already familiar with me because I am the personhshe did the story on a couple weeks ago.

I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX

or e-mail at


Jay Hudson


Blogger Dee said...

Hi Jay, just read about your sleep apnea testing. I enjoyed reading it.
Hope your better now.

Debbie Crim

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