Monday, January 18, 2010

Year of My Rebirth

January 18,2010


2009 was the year of my rebirth. The BIG ONE tagged me on June15,2009.
A massive heart attack.By lots of luck,God's abundant mercy, and quick-working EMT's I survived the initial attack, barely.

A famous cardiologist in Pinehurst, NC, named, Dr. Joseph Parrish performed an amazing life-saving thing when he put a stent in the only artery I had left that was not blocked.
Four days later Dr. Kiser performed another miracle when he patched up my worn-out heart with a quadruple by-pass.

Thirty-nine days of institutional living and I was a changed man. Walking was something I had to learn like a baby taking first-steps.
I had even lost the ability to write.

Recovery has been a nightmare of ups and downs, including several emergency episodes of EMT's, ventilators, blown-out veins from all the IV's, many,many wonderful medical personnel, and one bitchy nurse out of the dozens who took care of me. I hope she was just having one bad day.

I am forever grateful for all those who worked, prayed,cried, and continue to pray for my recovery.
I have a long way to go. Prayers and material help are still needed to help me survive. Gas for trips to Duke is very expensive, and hotel rooms,whooooeee!

I have to have a transplant. Doctors at Duke University Hospital have been great in giving me the courage I need for the battles ahead.


Blogger CBrownfield said...

It's been an emotional journey throughout Two thousand nine and into twenty ten, as I was recently informed. Your blog is a wonderful place to post about your journey, Jay. Your friends are accompanying you as much as we can on your journey.

6:04 PM  

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