Saturday, July 10, 2010

Late night TV

Sometime Sunday morning, 11 July,2010'

Camilla and I just suffered through one of Gary Trudeau's money-making, or was it money-finding infomercials, and then, Wanda Argersinger' s favorite infomercial marketeer, Montel, followed Trudeau with, hmmm, I don't remember what Montel was selling tonight. I'm so disgusted with him now I don't pay attention to him.
The Sylvia Brown episodes, puke, turned me against Montel.
What the TV station did was Ghastly!
They had an infomercial with Joan Rivers pitching beauty products for legs.

I didn't need to see that!
What I want to know is "Who is her plastic surgeon?"
That guy could become a Zillonaire doing bookcovers 'cause he is without a doubt the greatest graphic artist the world has seen since Leonardo.


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