Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A man needs a purse like a woman

I don’t carry a purse-yet,but I need one.I no longer need my shirt pocket for Marlboros,so I have three lists of things to do,one note pad,one gel ink pen,one cannister inhaler and a bottle of Xanax.

My left pants pockets has two sets of keys.After locking the car twice with the motor and AC running I made duplicates of all my keys,except one. I have twelve keys on one ring and 13 on the other.I can’t figure out what’s missing. I also have a red coin purse with eight quarters.I assure you the quarters are not for the vending machines in the mens room. They are my emergency stash in case I’m out somewhere and need a Pepsi for resuscitation, or traveling money in case my wife throws me out one day.
The right pocket contains a yellow coin purse for any change I acquire during the day, and a larger pill bottle with the smaller nitro bottle inside.(to keep the little bottle from slipping out of my pocket unnoticed).

Wanda, if you are reading this I didn’t mean for it to be so long.I’m almost finished.

My back pocket contains my wallet with my dollar,plus my drivers license.

I’ve never had a nekkid baby doll in my pocket,like Wanda found in her purse,nor lip gloss,but if I did I would choose the color lip gloss that Monica made famous.

I guess that’s about enough.Anything else would be TMI.

I probably need a few more items.


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