Friday, August 24, 2007

The hole in it all!

The Hole in It All !

24 August,2007.

I keep up with scientific things because I am a scientist at heart.When I was in school I had big dreams,but no plans.I was interested in everything except literary matters,Beowolf and such.EEEk!I kept scrapbooks of scientific stuff,especially the space program,rockets,space,the universe,etc.I have always tussled with physicists who mess with theories of origin and nuclear particles,human origins,etc.I believe the Big Bang theory. I think the entire "she-bang" we know as "our universe" was created in one gigantic cosmic explosion,just like a balloon expanding rapidly.

A couple of days ago I was watching PBS TV when they were advertising a show later this week.They happened to mention "the universe has no edges and no center.


I don't know who the mis-guided physicist was who came up with that idea,but Jaybird doesn't see it that way at all.The universe does indeed have edges,just like the surface of a balloon.No matter which direction an astronomer looks,he sees galaxies that are about 13.5 billion years away,in every direction.Does that suggest a spherical universe to you? It does to me.

The reason I'm mentioning any of this is because I just saw the news yesterday where astronomers have just found a giant "hole" in space where there is "NOTHING." Nothing but a giant hole with a diameter of over 2 billion light-years.Keep in mind that the universe is about 13.5 billion years old.

My God! Don't they realize they have just discovered the "center" of our universe?

OF COURSE it would be a gigantic hole!The reason is because at the moment of the Big Bang ,all the matter in the universe was rapidly expanding AWAY from the Center Point.

Cosmic Zero!

Have you ever had one of those little soapy things you blow through and make bubbles fly everywhere?Did you have one as a kid?Do you have grandchildren who play with them?Have you ever watched a trail of bubbles floating away across the yard?Can you imagine the blackness of what we call space, as being full of little soap-bubble universes floating everywhere you look in space?

Could there really be alternate universes just like soap bubbles from a childs toy?

Jay Hudson


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