Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do you have a spiritual team?

18 August, 2010

I didn't know anything was missing from my life but a lot of my Facebook friends are sending me invitations to join spiritual psychic groups.

If they really had ANY psychic power at all they would realize that I already possess my share of ESP.
Got a pretty good supply of spiritual truths too!

What's missing in my life is all the wealth and abundance the TV preachers promised me many years ago. I'm still waiting on it, but my ESP tells me it is not coming from any of them. If it comes at all I will surely have deserved it,and maybe even earned it.

Several of my FB friends want to "empower" me. I chuckle with disbelief every time I see one of those. Do they really believe they can empower anyone?
That's like the Federal government saying they are giving you the Bill of Rights.
The government does not give anything. It takes.

My "empowered" friends have been deluded by modern day P.T. Barnum's.
True empowerment comes when we realize we have to play the cards life deals us.
It doesn't matter what we get. What matters is how we play the game.

The magic is in believing.

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Blogger Summer Ross said...

I agree with you, its how its played not what is dealt. Wise post. Thanks for sharing

5:52 PM  

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