Friday, August 24, 2007

Barry Bond's Did it,but Oprah Hasn't ,Yet!

24 August,2007

Barry Bond's Did it,but Oprah Hasn't,Yet!

I get all kinds of crazy ideas of things to write about when I've got my "observation-doppler-powered -organic cassette recorder turned on."

A couple weeks ago I thought about posting a Barry Bonds piece on my blog.

I never liked BB because of his arrogant attitude.The man was born with a silver spoon,so I guess he can be arrogant if he wants to.

It doesn't matter if the man used steroids, or not.Steroids would not have affected his ability to hit a baseball.The drugs might have enabled him to hit the balll farther,but he is a big man,so he would hit homers anyway,regardless of the drugs.Hitting a baseball is all about hand-eye co-ordination,and Barry has that,no doubt.

The other thing is my friend,Oprah.She doesn't know it yet though.

A long time ago I quit buying that truthful,scandalous National Enquirer because of the high price of truth.
It cost to much.

Yesterday I was in the grocery store checkout with my cart full of ice cream,when I just peeked at the cover of the National Enquirer.There,perched right on the front cover was my friend ,Oprah.I naturally picked it up and read the blurb."Oprah to give Stedman $250 million so he won't live the rest of his life in poverty after she leaves him."

Don't quote me on that exactly.I don't think their blurb was that long,but it said the same thing.

Heheheheh! Immediately I got to wondering why a TV-white woman like Oprah hooked up with Stedman in the first place. :)

"Don't get mad at me ,Oprah.I'm just teasing you.

We all fall in love with the wrong people at least once in our life.

Your friend,
Jay Hudson

I put my last name there so you won't won't confuse me with Jay Leno.


Blogger nothingpetty said...

When ever I heard someone say that space is expanding, I always wondered into what?

1:20 PM  
Blogger nothingpetty said...

Whenever I heard "Space is expanding," I always wondered, into WHAT?

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