Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vocabulary building, 17 October, 2007 !

I'm going to start posting words to help me broaden my vocabulary. These are words I encountered yesterday while reading a book about Bill and Hillary. They are not common words that the average reader has in his/her vocabulary.
I know the definitions of all of them, and am quite familiar with them, except chintze. I have seen it several times in my reading, but never took the time to find it's exact meaning.

Tonight I looked for it in my American Heritage College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, and it is not there.
Something makes me think it is of French origin, but I may be way off base.

Any of you have a powerful big dictionary?

hubris -Yessir, that sure describes Slick Willie sometimes. I feel your pain, but perk up anyway while I...

juxtaposition- Mind if I park the old truck in your yard for a spell?

vetted -Well now, I looked at that thang evah-which-a-way, and I'm danged if I know what it is, but it looks like a Democrat telescope for stargazing


hegemony-this is a favorite of the Chinese. "You damned Americans are just hegemonists and we ain't puttin' up wit' it anymore. Kiss the Dalai Lama if you want to, GW. We'll hang his butt when he gits back to Tibet."
---Chairman Wang Dang Wong

Somebody tell me if'n I'm chintze , or not!


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