Sunday, May 18, 2008

Heather Armstrong and Sen. Ted Kennedy

Sunday, 18 May,2008

Last night I posed a question to some of my writing friends. "Did any of you see the national news report a few days ago about a woman writing a blog, and making a living from it? Her husband was able to quit his job and...

I remember something about "doodoo, doos, or maybe it was doocey!

Then, I did what all respectable writers do, I Googled! That's the place made famous when my friend, Dejah, AKA, Mary Elisibeth Tyler, with help from Jerri Ledford, wrote a book about Google Analytics.

Heather Armstrong! That's her name.

The site is Heather Armstrong's blog. Her blog story was broadcast on ABC's Nightline a few days ago. Heather's blog has become so popular that she is making a living from it, and her dear DH, Jon, was able to quit his job and help her with details. The link is at the bottom of this sports report.

Honey, does that give you any ideas at all?

Don't laugh! It's writing. Ain't that what we writers are supposed to do? Entertain, or inform!
Well, it looks like all of you are someplace else tonight, so I'm going to scroll Ebay and look at interesting books in the "creative writing" section.

I can't believe it!

Well, yes I can. I was watching the first game of the baseball doubleheader Saturday. Sorry, I forgot which team was playing the Boston Red Sox.

Oh! Now I remember, it was the team in the black uniforms. :) The Red Sox were in their red and white uniform. I never claimed to be a "sports" writer, now did I?

Ok, I'm pretty sure the team was from a place that started with an "M." Minnesota, or maybe Milwaukee? Twins, or Brewers? See, I know mybaseball. :)

What I can't believe is that I had to run to Wal Mart, and when I got back the game was just ending, and BoSSton had won.

My old buddy, David Ortiz, had smacked a homer.

Teddy, did you see that?
When I logged online and saw the news headlines, I saw that my friend, Senator Ted Kennedy, had some sort of seizure while watching the game, the same game I was watching.

Teddy, I'm feeling very remorseful for the funny things I have written on my blogs about you and your niece, Maria, and the rest of the family too. It's just good natured humor. Can you spell Aaaahnuld's last name without looking at it? Ok, sorry, I'm waxing jolly again. No harm meant. I just have a grin on my face that won't go away unless I write something.

I can't rightly spell Chap-A- Quit-IT unless I use Fonix, but not tonight. I'm tired too!

Teddy, I sincerely wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

Your friend in humor,
Jay Hudson


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