Friday, July 11, 2008

Billions and Billions

Billions and Billions!

Who said that?

For many years I have had my own theory about the Big Bang. When I heard Carl Sagan talking about The Big Bang Theory on the PBS series,Cosmos, twenty years ago, I was fascinated with the concept of the Universe being created with a rapid burst of energy, from being smaller than the head of a pin to stellar proportions in seconds.
In my mind I could picture an Invisible Being rapidly blowing up a balloon with all the matter moving away from the center of the balloon, and the outer surface being the farthest galaxies in that Universe.

At the same time I was picturing one of my granddaughters blowing bubbles with one of those dime-store bottles of soap and water we use to buy for kids to blow bubbles.And then, I saw a string of bubbles floating away from her, one-after-another, getting larger and larger until they burst. I thought maybe universes could do the same, maybe.
Who Knows?
I think so!

In Billions and Billions, Carl Sagan mentioned it as "maybe. "Whoopee! I knew I was right when I read in his book what I had heard someplace else recently, namely, there are two rogue stars in OUR Universe. The problem is that these two stars are older than OUR Universe. How can that be? It is a paradox. But, only until you consider that it just might be the proof that my "Other Universe Theory" is indeed a "fact."

The only possible answer for these two stars is that they are from another universe and they are here visiting us.

We are not alone!



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