Sunday, January 04, 2009

Diety, Royalty, Nativity, Mystery

Proffessor Mac McGill at Rutgers University posed this writing prompt for one of his freshman journalism classes in the 1940's. Reference; A fortune At Your feet, by A.D. Kessler, 2005 Millenium II Edition, page xvii.
Kessler was a freshman in that class.

Write a succinct piece containing the elements of Diety, Royalty, Nativity, and Mystery.

None of the students came up with the succinct piece that Professor McGill had in mind.

Here is the piece Mac McGill showed the freshmen class.

"My God," Said the Queen, "I'm pregnant; I wonder who did it?"

Now, all you good folks at can say for sure that it IS true indeed. I tried to comment at, but could not find a way to comment on your site.

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