Monday, September 29, 2008

Famous author-Joyce Scarbrough

Tag-you're it! That was a post I received today from famous author, Joyce Scarbrough.
I have to list 6 things no one knows about me, so here goes.

1.I'm a pretty famous author myself under my pen name,--- ------.

2.My mind goes blank sometimes

3.I am very shy

4.I walk miles in my shoes

5.If really hard-pressed, I can write poetry

6.I don't give a hoot for television

I haven't posted on my blog since early July since I usually don't write anything anyone is interested in reading.

If you read this, I hope you had a really nice day today!


Blogger The Belle in Blue said...

I always have a nice day when I talk to you, Jay!

One day, both of us really will be famous! :-)

8:25 AM  

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